Hey There!  Thanks for stopping by :)

My name is Krista Stoltzfus, I am the photographer/owner of Everheart Photography.  I have had the honor of photographing families, weddings & events for 20+ years and have loved every minute of it!  Even though I have earned a degree in Graphic Design, Photography has always been a deep seeded passion in my heart!  After working in a marketing department for several years, I felt called to leave my job and focus on growing my own photography business.  As time goes on, I continue falling deeper in love with capturing the precious moments of my children growing up, as well as each and every one of your beautiful families.  A HUGE THANK YOU will never even touch how grateful I am to all of the families & couples that have allowed me to take a step into their everyday lives & photograph their story! 

A few of my favorite things:  Giggling kids, drinking coffee on a front porch swing, weeding a flower bed after a downpour, making people laugh, blending into the crowds of people to capture natural smiles & fleeting moments, feeling a deep connection with my creator.

Why "Everheart Photography"?  This name is a play off of my maiden name "Everhart".  I feel like I'm taking a piece of my original, immediate family with me wherever my photography journey takes me.

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